1) Rescue Dogs

There are many reasons why a Basenji may end up in rescue.  Impulse purchases, a change in the family
situation, behavior problems, possibly becoming lost among other circumstances may land a Basenji in
rescue.  Additionally, a Rescue Basenji may have been turned in as a stray to a local shelter or literally
rescued by authorities from a negligent or abusive situation. This does NOT mean that these are "bad"
dogs. It means they have need of a new home and a second chance due many times to no fault of their own.

2) Breeder Rehomes
A breeder rehome dog is an adult that is being placed by their breeder for one of several reasons.  Many
breeders place dogs once they've finished their show career. Often a breeder may have kept a puppy to
show, and then decided later not to show it for many different reasons.  Or, a dog might be returned to the
breeder if their original family is no longer able to care for him. This plan has proven to be a wonderful
solution in many cases. The Breeder gets additional space in their program. The New owner gets a
companion that is well socialized and a quality representative of their breed. Most importantly.... The
Basenji gets a home and family that will pamper them as all Basenjis believe they should be.

Whether you acquire a puppy, breeder rehome dog or a rescue keep in mind that temperament can vary
with each individual. Asking questions as well as being open and honest with  the breeder or foster home
will help to insure both you and the Basenji will find a perfect match. When  treated with respect and
genuine concern most Basenjis eventually blossom into the companion they were always meant to be, even
those who were once in less than ideal situations.
Personality, training and behavior varies greatly depending on the individual Basenji,  Whether a rescue or
a puppy from a responsible breeder. Most will benefit greatly from time, patience and proper training.
Placed in loving homes many blossom and become the companion they were always meant to be.  

Listed below are rescue dogs or breeder rehome dogs available through SMBC members.  Please contact
the member listed for more information on that dog.
Available Adult Basenjis
Available Adults from SMBC Breeders
Individual Rescue Basenjis who are Available
Rescue Basenjis
that are Ready to be
Adopted are currently
being fostered by
Jerlin Basenjis!
We have a New Rescue Contact Person!

Dyan Baughan is our new rescue contact. She has been involved in
rescue for a number of years. I am sure her experience and
compassion will be an asset to us all. We also want to take this time to
express our appreciation to Linda Ehlers for her service in this position.
Thank you for all the hard work ladies!
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